The Government aren’t listening to us. Help us seek justice in the courts.

Over a month after we wrote to the Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health, we finally received a response. They have told us they are unable to meet us “due to the pandemic”. This simply isn’t good enough. 

Lives are still being lost every day and many more may be at risk in future waves without proper coordinated strategic action. 

The Prime Minister’s woolly words committing to an ‘independent inquiry’ without confirming when this will begin or what form it will take leaves us deeply worried. Their reluctance to engage openly with what went wrong and what needs to change could cost many more lives before the pandemic is over.

Why we are initiating legal action

We have instructed our lawyers to send a pre-action letter to the Government. It advises them of our intention to initiate proceedings in the High Court to secure a proper statutory public inquiry with an urgent immediate phase. 

In aid of this, we have launched a crowdfunding appeal to cover our legal costs and protect families in the event that we are unsuccessful in the courts. 

Please Contribute What You Can

None of our members are in a position to take this case on their own and we are unable to risk being personally pursued for costs should the case be unsuccessful. We will only be able to go forward with our legal challenge if we are able to secure enough funds so we’d be hugely grateful if you are able to contribute

Any excess raised will be put towards getting professional support for our campaign, setting ourselves up as an organisation and other campaigning costs – this will also be how funds are used if for any reason we are unable to go forward with the legal challenge. Our lawyers are currently working pro-bono on this case.

If you agree with our cause please donate. Your contribution could help to save lives.